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[audio]IUMA: multidimensional
Jason Khan, a.k.a. multidimensional has been performing solo live electronic sets at raves for over 4 years, dazzling crowds with emotionally driven trance, house, and techno. It all started back in the eighties as a DJing gig at a local teen nightclub that turned into regular producing and gigging for reggae, blues, and electronic music acts. Jason went solo in 1997 with his first live electronic performance at Wellington's nightclub.....
Keywords: multidimensional
Downloads: 18
[texts]Multidimensional scaling of binary data for homogeneous groups (Volume BEBR No.323) - Redinger, Robert
Includes bibliographical references (leaves [18-19])
Keywords: Multidimensional scaling; Marketing research
Downloads: 133
[texts]Multidimensional scaling of binary data for homogeneous groups (Volume BEBR No. 411) - Redinger, Robert
Includes bibliographical references (leaves [19-20])
Keywords: Multidimensional scaling; Marketing research
Downloads: 108
[texts]A technique for assessing perceptions of organizational structure (Volume BEBR No. 381) - Marlow, Edward, 1943-
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 28-31)
Keywords: Social structure; Organization; Multidimensional scaling
Downloads: 82
[texts]A comparative analysis of multidimensional scaling of portfolio investment (Volume BEBR No. 344) - Anderson, Gary A. (Gary Alan), 1946-
Includes bibliographical references (leaf 28)
Keywords: Multidimensional scaling; Stocks; Institutional investments
Downloads: 158
[texts]Relations within sequences of congruential pseudo-random numbers (Volume 73B) - Verdier, Peter H.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Congruential generators; multidimensional distributions; random number generators
Downloads: 38
[texts]Swedish Semantic Dictionary Base for (570) Adjectives and (880) Verbs - Bernhard Bierschenk
The dictionary base is representing Swedish adjectives and verbs which were assessed of a sample of 40 randomly selected individuals, drawn from a population of 132 researchers, working in the fields of educational and psychological research. Further, the presented source materials are based on a sample of 600 pages of running text drawn from the 4000 pages of the collected interviews. This base provides a new way of building up concepts and conceptual relations...
Keywords: Multidimensional scaling; Osgood; psychometrics; content analysis
Downloads: 68
[texts]The use of scaling and cluster techniques in investigating the social structure of organizations (Volume 212) - Calder, Bobby J
Includes bibliographical references (p. 38-40)
Keywords: Social structure; Multidimensional scaling; Cluster analysis
Downloads: 82
This lightship from the Andromeda Galaxy is a multidimensional starship with thousands of beings in multiple dimensions from thousands of plants from the Andromeda Galaxy. They have come here now to Earth to aid Humans in our next step in evolution, becoming a fully realized galactic civilization.
Keywords: andromeda galaxy; civilization; Earth; evolution; Humans; lightship; multidimensional; multidimensional starship; STARSHIP; step
Downloads: 44
[audio]Series: Heaven In the Real World (part 2) - Up, Other or Here? Just Where Is Heaven? 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 - Oct 5, 2014 - Randy Umberger
So, just "where" is heaven? Is it a literal place? Is it located somewhere in our own universe, or possibly in another universe outside of our own? Or could it be that heaven exists among and around us in a dimension that we cannot see unless we are given open eyes to see it by God? Is it possible that heaven will be right where we are on this little ball called earth at some point in the future? Let's investigate it together! For more teachings, visit our website at www.mountpisgahchurch.org.
Keywords: God; Abba; Jesus; Christ; Holy Spirit; Father; Heaven; dimensions; multidimensional
Downloads: 2
[texts]Color as Part of an Architect's Design - Wagih Fawzi Youssef
Color occupies a natural and intuitive part of the design process. If we are to avoid the possibility of future grey, non-chromatic towns and cities, we must re-orientate our concept of spaceâform relationships towards a deeper awareness of colored space and colored form as one totally integrated into the visual experience. At the same time, as a rule, it proves unsuccessful to attempt to conceal dull and monotonous architecture with strong colors...
Keywords: architecture; Pop Architecture; multi-dimensional; chromatic conception; color perception
Downloads: 13
[texts]Global Multichannel Analytics Market By Solution & Services Forecasts to 2019
Multichannel analytics is the process of integration the multiple channels over a single platform to give a better understanding about the customer behavior enabling the marketers to make better business decisions in real time. The solution provides multi-dimensional perceptions about the business and its associated customers. As the web analytics solutions can picturise the online buyer’s response to the online marketing activities; but it is not capable of analyzing the offline purchasing be...
Keywords: Multichannel Analytics; Analytics; Reporting; Multidimensional Analysis; Data Mining; Predictive Analytics
Downloads: 2
[texts]On the approximation of functions of several variables (Volume 70B) - Mond, B.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Approximations; convergence; multidimensional; polynomials; functions; variables; Hermite-Fejer, Bernstein, Chebyshev
Downloads: 44
[texts]Design of Multi-dimensional Bin-packing Heuristic Based on Genetic Algorithm - Ping Zhang, Ju Jiang, Haiyan Xu, Xueshan Han
Genetic algorithm (GA) is an intelligent method based on natural selection for global numerical optimization. To make use of the great advantages of GA, this paper focuses on applying GA to multi-dimensional bin-packing problem (MBP). In multi-dimensional bin-packing problem, the primary goal is putting grouping items into appropriate bins with the same dimensions to make full use of the bins and minimize the number of bins used...
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm; Multi-dimensional Bin-packing; Fitness Function
Downloads: 187
[texts]Decision-making Model for Multidimensional Analysis of Preference Based on Intuitionistic Trapezium Fuzzy Set - Yu xun Liu
Decision-making model for multidimensional analysis of preference on trapezoid fuzzy number distant expected values are proposed. The group decision-making problem are solved when preference and attribute are given by trapezoid fuzzy number .Its algorithm is as follows: First, define a distortion function between subjective / objective analysis of preference under B-cut set to get weighted vector of the attribute through constructing a criterion-programming model...
Keywords: Trapezium Fuzzy Set; Multidimensional Analysis; Decision-making Mode
Downloads: 12
[audio]Travis V Andrea - Episode 9 - Travis Spencer
Human V Future Android
Keywords: comedy; podcast; androids; multi-dimensional universe; Penn State; rapist; rape; future
Downloads: 26
[texts]Circulants and the Characterization of Vertex-Transitive Graphs (Volume 88) - Leighton, F.T.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: circulant; multidimensional circulant; point-symmetric; regular group; starred polygon; vertex-transitive
Downloads: 86
[texts]ERIC ED339719: Toward a Model of Knowledge Structure and a Comparative Analysis of Knowledge Structure Measurement Techniques. - ERIC
A proposed model of human knowledge structure was studied, beginning with an operational definition of knowledge structure. A battery of available knowledge structure measurement techniques was used to detect structure differences between two experience level groups in the domain of clerical work. Subjects were 15 experienced secretaries and 15 secretaries with no more than 1 year of secretarial experience...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Clerical Workers; Comparative Analysis; Measurement Techniques; Models; Multidimensional Scaling
Downloads: 1
[texts]A branch and bound method for nonseparable nonconvex optimization - Hartman, James K.
Title from cover
Downloads: 52
[texts]ERIC ED356251: Detecting Point Diffusion Patterns in Two-Dimensional Maps: A Simulation Study. - ERIC
A way of identifying non-random patterns of effects on a group of individuals as a result of some intervention when a sample of participants is arrayed according to some indices of similarity is presented. The principle of proximal similarity and the concept of pattern matching provide the background for this effort. Major advantages are the treatment of an individual as a unit of analysis, visual representation of the outcome across individuals, and the ability to use the representation in patt...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Computer Simulation; Maps; Matrices; Multidimensional Scaling; Profiles; Qualitative Research; Scores
Downloads: 3
[texts]Direct Numerical Simulation of Transition over a NLF Aerofoil: Methods and Validation
In the present study, we identify the need for high accuracy computing for capturing the transition to turbulence for the flow past a natural laminar flow aerofoil by direct numerical simulation. The major computational elements which contribute error in performing DNS have been identified here and systematically shown to be removed by appropriate grid, numerical method and post-processing tools. We have shown a better way of generating orthogonal grid around thick and cambered aerofoil which he...
Keywords: Direct Numerical Simulation; Bypass Transition; NLF Aerofoil; Orthogonal Grid; Multi-dimensional Filters; Upwind Filter
Downloads: 28
[texts]Unstructured Multidimensional Array Multimedia Retrival Model based XML Database - Dattatray V. Meshram,Prof. D. M. Dakhane
Unstructured Data derived from the thought of data warehouse, data cube and xml, this paper presents a new database structure model which organizes the unstructured data in a multidimensional data cube based on XML Database. In this data cube of XML, clustered data are stored in instance table. A leading data corresponding are stored in dimension table. The relational model is helpful to construct data model, but it lacks flexibility, now the new data model can complement the defect of relationa...
Keywords: XML; Multimedia; Multi-dimension; Database; Retrieval Model; Multidimensional Array; Unstructured Data
Downloads: 66
[texts]Structured exit interviews using MDS - Read, Robert R.
Keywords: Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.); Multidimensional scaling; Scaling (Social sciences); Student evaluation of teachers
Downloads: 34
[movies]Applied Multivariate Statistics for Environmental Scientists 6 - ralfschaefer
This is the session 6 of the lecture "Multivariate Statistics for Environmental Scientists" that was held at the University Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau in Germany in the winter semester 2011/2012. The lecture relies on free open source software (R) and can therefore be followed by anyone. The topics of this session are PCA and NMDS. For more information look at the course website: http://www.uni-koblenz-landau.de/landau/fb7/umweltwissenschaften/landscape-ecology/Teaching/r-statistics
Keywords: statistics; multivariate; R; environmental science; data analysis; principal component analysis; PCA; MDS; Non Metric Multidimensional Scaling
Downloads: 201
[texts]mit :: lcs :: tm :: MIT-LCS-TM-037
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.mit :: lcs :: tm :: MIT-LCS-TM-037
Keywords: floor; node; turing; simulation; storage; nodes; multidimensional; smm; arcs; head; ground floor; turing machine; turing machines; top floor; storage modification; storage plane; storage head; multidimensional turing; modification machines; massachusetts institute
Downloads: 67 (1 review)
[audio]Action of love to your enemies and hard lessons. - Mattias
mayan calendar, cauac, 3, 20060725, tzolkin, action, holographic universe, falun gong, ethics, morals, multidimensional, diksha, evolve, china
Keywords: mayan calendar; cauac; 3; 20060725; tzolkin; action; holographic universe; falun gong; ethics; morals; multidimensional; diksha; evolve; china
Downloads: 1,470
[texts]ERIC ED306300: A Comparison of Methods for Assessing Dimensionality for Use in Item Response Theory. - ERIC
This study was undertaken to compare non-metric multidimensional scaling (MDS) and factor analysis (FA) as means of assessing dimensionality in relation to item response theory (IRT). FA assesses correlation matrices, while MDS performs an analysis of proximity measures. Seven data sets were generated; each differed from the others with respect to dimensionality. Each set consisted of 28 items and was either one- or two-dimensional, with two-dimensional data sets having interdimensional correlat...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Comparative Analysis; Error of Measurement; Factor Analysis; Latent Trait Theory; Matrices; Methods Research; Multidimensional Scaling
[texts]ERIC ED310160: Two-Dimensional Scalogram Analysis: Analyzing the Scalability of Attitudes toward Abortion. - ERIC
The usefulness of L. Guttman's partial order scalogram analysis is investigated in this study of the structure of a set of items that measure attitudes toward legal abortion. These items, drawn from the National Opinion Research Center's "General Social Survey," have been the focus of considerable applied research investigating predictors of attitudes toward abortion. The data constitute a probability sample of non-institutionalized adults in the contiguous United States...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Abortions; Adults; Attitude Measures; Computer Software; Factor Analysis; Multidimensional Scaling; National Surveys; Predictor Variables; Psychometrics; Rating Scales
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED333014: A Didactic Explanation of Item Bias, Item Impact, and Item Validity from a Multidimensional Perspective. - ERIC
Many researchers have suggested that the main cause of item bias is the misspecification of the latent ability space. That is, items that measure multiple abilities are scored as though they are measuring a single ability. If two different groups of examinees have different underlying multidimensional ability distributions and the test items are sensitive to these differences, any scoring scheme that does not reflect all of the skills in the interaction of the items and examinees (the complete l...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Equations (Mathematics); Item Bias; Item Response Theory; Mathematical Models; Multidimensional Scaling; Scoring; Test Items; Test Use; Test Validity
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED353840: Cluster Analysis and the Interlanguage Lexicon. - ERIC
As part of a research program investigating the interlanguage lexicon of Kenyan learners of English, based on the lexical field of locomotion, a card sorting task was used to produce raw similarity measure data. This was subjected to cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling (MDS). This paper suggests that cluster analysis/MDS of perceived similarities of selected verbs in a sorting task may indicate possible lines of investigation of the lexical knowledge of different groups of learners in ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cluster Analysis; English (Second Language); Foreign Countries; Interlanguage; Language Research; Multidimensional Scaling; Native Speakers; Task Analysis; Verbs; Vocabulary
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED359214: The Dimensionality of Test Data Generated by Compensatory and Non-Compensatory Two-Dimensional IRT Models and Its Effect on Model-Data-Fit. - ERIC
The difference between compensatory and non-compensatory item response theory (IRT) models in terms of the dimensionality of test data generated by them, and its effect on the model-data-fit were examined. The STRESS (proportion of variance not accounted for by the multidimensional scaling model) and RSQ (proportion of variance accounted for by the multidimensional scaling model) values in multidimensional scaling for unidimensional test data files were used as criteria for examining the violati...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Chi Square; Comparative Analysis; Computer Simulation; Foreign Countries; Goodness of Fit; Item Response Theory; Multidimensional Scaling; Test Construction
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED387496: Utilizing Profile Analysis via Multidimensional Scaling To Ascertain Patterns in Course-Taking: Mathematics and Science Course-Taking Patterns. - ERIC
This paper describes a methodology, called Profile Analysis via Multidimensional Scaling (PAMS), designed to identify major patterns of variables and to study the relationships into which those patterns enter. Patterns of variables are here called profiles. The PAMS procedure has been adapted to characteristics of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and Statistical Analysis System (SAS) templates to implement the methodo...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Course Selection (Students); Mathematics Instruction; Multidimensional Scaling; National Surveys; Profiles; Research Methodology; Research Needs; Science Instruction
Downloads: 6
[texts]BSTJ 51: 8. October 1972: B.S.T.J. Briefs: Extension of Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra to Domain Circuits With Multiple Propagation Velocities. (Ahamed, S.V.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 51: 8. October 1972 pp 1919-1922. B.S.T.J. Briefs: Extension of Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra to Domain Circuits With Multiple Propagation Velocities. (Ahamed, S.V.)
Keywords: clock; algebraic; domain; data; propagated; polynomial; binary; algebra; propagation; cycles; polynomial algebra; clock cycles; magnetic domain; multidimensional polynomial
Downloads: 26
[texts]ERIC ED306238: Similarity of the Multidimensional Space Defined by Parallel Forms of a Mathematics Test. - ERIC
The purpose of the paper is to determine whether test forms of the Mathematics Usage Test (AAP Math) of the American College Testing Program are parallel in a multidimensional sense. The AAP Math is an achievement test of mathematics concepts acquired by high school students by the end of their third year. To determine the dimensionality of the multidimensional space, each test form was factor analyzed at content area and item levels, and the number of dimensions needed to define the space was d...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Achievement Tests; Factor Analysis; High School Students; High Schools; Item Analysis; Latent Trait Theory; Mathematics Tests; Multidimensional Scaling; Test Construction; Test Format
[texts]ERIC ED306281: An Explanation of Differential Item Functioning from a Multidimensional Perspective. - ERIC
Many researchers have suggested that the cause of differential item functioning (DIF) can in part be due to the misspecification of the supporting trait distribution (STD). This paper demonstrates how a unidimensional item response theory (IRT) calibration of response data, generated from a two-dimensional IRT model, results in DIF when the multidimensional STDs are not equal. How DIF can occur when items measure multiple ability dimensions on which groups have different STDs is illustrated...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Achievement Tests; College Entrance Examinations; Higher Education; Item Analysis; Latent Trait Theory; Multidimensional Scaling; Standardized Tests; Test Bias; Test Construction; Test Items
[texts]ERIC ED331845: Interpretation of Number-Correct Scores when the True Number of Dimensions Assessed by a Test Is Greater than Two. - ERIC
This paper addresses the problem of whether two-dimensional solutions with different apparent meanings and different implied interpretations of the number-correct scale could be produced from the same test data set by simply shifting the orientation of the two-dimensional projection plane. An artificial data set of 3,000 response vectors and a real data set (3,153 examinees) obtained from administration of the American College Testing Program 60-item Mathematics Test were used...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Entrance Examinations; Comparative Analysis; High Schools; Higher Education; Mathematics Tests; Multidimensional Scaling; Scoring; Simulation; Test Interpretation; Vectors (Mathematics)
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED304158: Relevance: The Search for a Definition. - ERIC
Arguing that relevance judgments are fundamental to the design and evaluation of all information retrieval systems, and that a consensus on the definition of the central concept of relevance has not been reached, this paper begins by critically reviewing four approaches to the problem of defining relevance: (1) the system-oriented approach (relevance is defined as topicality, or matching); (2) the user oriented approach (relevance is defined as the relationship of information in a document to th...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Psychology; Computer System Design; Information Science; Information Systems; Models; Multidimensional Scaling; Relevance (Information Retrieval); Research Needs; User Needs (Information); User Satisfaction (Information)
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED300453: Analysis of Shifts in Scale and Construct through the Use of Repeater Data. - ERIC
In October 1981, the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Program introduced a new version of the General Test (GT) that differed from the previous version in three major ways. The GT was altered to: reduce the verbal measure's speededness and allow the addition of several quantitative items; delete two item types from the analytical measure; and replace formula scoring with rights scoring. The GRE instructions were changed to advise examinees to answer all questions...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Entrance Examinations; Equated Scores; Higher Education; Mathematics Tests; Multidimensional Scaling; Rating Scales; Scoring; Scoring Formulas; Test Construction; Testing Problems; Timed Tests; Verbal Tests
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED358144: Full-Information Factor Analysis for Polytomous Item Responses. - ERIC
A multidimensional item response theory (IRT) model for polytomously scored items, based on the graded response model and using the normal ogive, is developed; and an EM algorithm that may be used to estimate the parameters of the model is also discussed. The model is illustrated through a simulation study in which the polytomous item responses of 6 items and 5,000 respondents were generated by the RESGEN computer program...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Computer Graphics; Computer Simulation; Equations (Mathematics); Estimation (Mathematics); Factor Analysis; Factor Structure; Item Response Theory; Likert Scales; Mathematical Models; Multidimensional Scaling; Qualitative Research; Scoring; Test Items
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED339750: The Self Concept as a Learner Inventory: A Cross-Validation Study. - ERIC
The validity of the Self Concept as a Learner Revised (SCALR) inventory was studied. The construct issue of academic self-concept was explored by comparing the SCALR to the academic portion of the Multidimensional Self Concept Scale (MSCS). The SCALR contains 44 items (four scales of 11 items each). The SCALR version for grades 7 through 12 was administered to 1,136 eighth graders and 863 11th graders from schools participating in the Positive Attitudes in Tennessee Schools Project...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Style; Comparative Testing; Construct Validity; Correlation; Grade 11; Grade 8; High School Students; Junior High School Students; Multidimensional Scaling; Secondary Education; Self Concept Measures
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED328621: Applying Empirical Analyses to the Evaluation of Test Content. - ERIC
Although some researchers have argued against use of the term "content validity," the ability of a test item to adequately represent the domain of knowledge tested continues to be an issue of paramount importance in test construction. The present paper reviews previous analyses of test content and proposes a new empirical method for evaluating the content representativeness of a test. The proposed empirical method evaluates the content of a test by determining if similarity ratings of expert jud...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cluster Analysis; Content Analysis; Content Validity; Evaluators; Interrater Reliability; Item Response Theory; Mathematical Models; Multidimensional Scaling; Multiple Choice Tests; Test Content
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED319788: The Multidimensionality of Students' Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness: The Generality of Factor Structures across Academic Discipline, Instructor Level, and Course Level. - ERIC
Factor analyses of student evaluations of teaching effectiveness were conducted for 24,158 courses at the University of Southern California and for each of 21 different subgroups derived from the total group. All classes evaluated by six or more students were included in the study. The subgroups were designed to differ in terms of instructor level (teaching assistants or regular faculty), course level (undergraduate or graduate), and academic discipline...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Curriculum; College Faculty; Factor Structure; Graduate Students; Higher Education; Multidimensional Scaling; Student Evaluation of Teacher Performance; Teacher Effectiveness; Teaching Assistants; Undergraduate Students
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED309185: Empirical Comparison between Factor Analysis and Item Response Models. Project Psychometric Aspects of Item Banking No. 37. Research Report 88-11. - ERIC
Many multidimensional item response theory (IRT) models have been proposed. A comparison is made between the so-called full information models and the models that use only pairwise information. Three multidimensional models described are: (1) the compensatory model of R. D. Bock and M. Aitken (1981) using the computer program TESTFACT; (2) a model based on R. P. McDonald's (1985) harmonic analysis using the program NOHARM; and (3) the computer program MAXLOG of R...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Comparative Analysis; Computer Simulation; Computer Uses in Education; Factor Analysis; Foreign Countries; Latent Trait Theory; Mathematical Models; Multidimensional Scaling; Statistical Analysis; Test Items
[texts]ERIC ED383724: Multimethod Construct Validation of the Test of Spoken English. Report 46. - ERIC
Administration of the Test of Spoken English (TSE) yields tapes of oral performance on items within six sections of the test. Trained scorers subsequently rate responses using four proficiency scales: pronunciation, grammar, fluency, and overall comprehensibility. This project examined the consistency of statistical relations among TSE scores with the measurement constructs these scores purport to reflect by examining dimensions underlying the scores...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audiotape Recordings; Construct Validity; Correlation; English (Second Language); Factor Structure; Interrater Reliability; Language Proficiency; Multidimensional Scaling; Performance; Scores; Scoring; Test Construction
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED320968: A Facet Analysis Approach to Content and Construct Validity. - ERIC
A study involving 234 Texas college students was undertaken to develop and test the validity and reliability of an instrument designed to measure college students' attitudes toward alcohol. Special attention was given to the content and construct validity of the instrument. Subjects ranged in age from 18 to 24 years. The mapping sentence served as a template for the development of attitude items and as the source of the regional hypotheses...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attitude Measures; College Students; Construct Validity; Content Validity; Criterion Referenced Tests; Drinking; Higher Education; Multidimensional Scaling; Student Attitudes; Test Reliability; Test Validity
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED354251: Evidence for Structural Alignment during Similarity Judgments. - ERIC
Similarity plays a central role in cognitive theories. Research has demonstrated that the similarity of a pair increases with its commonalities and decreases with its differences. These common and distinctive elements can take the form of parts of objects, relations between parts of properties of whole objects. Previous work has been unable to reconcile this variety of information within a single framework...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Processes; College Students; Decision Making; Educational Theories; Evaluative Thinking; Evaluators; Higher Education; Multidimensional Scaling; Perception; Prediction; Thinking Skills
Downloads: 4
[audio]Best of the Global Reality 5-2-9 - Beyond the Veil: Paranormal Experiences. - Josh Reeves
5-2-9 - Beyond the Veil: Paranormal Experiences. Callz Déjá vu, , prophetic dreams, vivid dreams, multidimensional realities, agreed reality, synchronicity, psychic, clairvoyance, Garden of the Gods, programming, Michael Jackson, DMT, out of body experience, crystals. From The Global Reality Radio Network. www.theglobalreality.com Best of the Global Reality - Episodes The Global Reality isn't corporate media, or even "mainline" alternative media, but independent media (YOUR MEDIA) in its tru...
Keywords: Déjá vu; prophetic dreams; vivid dreams; multidimensional realities; agreed reality; synchronicity; psychic; clairvoyance; Garden of the Gods; programming; Michael Jackson; DMT; out of body experience; crystals
Downloads: 198 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]ERIC ED371022: Using Multidimensional Scaling To Measure Conceptual Change. - ERIC
Relations among students' cognitive structures, instruction, and course achievement were studied for 102 undergraduates in three courses. An aim of the study was to integrate expert-novice research with investigations of cognitive-structure change. Experienced instructors identified concepts central to the different courses. Students were asked to cluster the items early in the courses and again at the courses' end, and these clusterings were compared to the groupings arranged by instructors...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Cognitive Structures; Coherence; Educational Psychology; Experience; Higher Education; Measurement Techniques; Multidimensional Scaling; Physics; Statistical Significance; Teaching Methods; Undergraduate Students; Womens Studies
Downloads: 7
[texts]On the Decomposition of Vertex-Transitive Graphs into Multicycles (Volume 88) - Leighton, F.T.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: Cayley graph; circulant; cycle decomposition; edge-transitive graph; grouplike set; line-symmetric graph; multicycle; multidimensional circulant; point-symmetric graph; starred polygon; symmetric graph; vertex-transitive graph
Downloads: 139
[audio]Space Trip Steps... for Meteor Heard - Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P
Title: Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd Artist: Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P Album: Multi-Dimensional - Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack Disc
Keywords: Title: Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd Artist: Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P Album: Multi-Dimensional - Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack Disc
Downloads: 69
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